Certification of specialists in technical survey

In accordance with the requirements of GOST R 55525-2013 “Racks collapsible. General technical conditions “, the specialists carrying out the partial and full technical inspection (WHAT, VTO) must be certified for knowledge of the requirements of the specified GOST R. We have developed special training methods that take into account the requirements of GOST R, occupational safety documents and based on the organization’s standard developed by Together with Rosstandart. Certification of personnel carrying out a technical survey can be organized only on the basis of the listed documents. Independent appraisals by organizations are possible on the basis of training and certification programs developed and approved by Rosstandart. In the near future, the process of coordinating the training program developed by the professional training center will be completed, after which full-fledged training courses will begin. A preliminary application for attestation and certification can be sent to info@nrsea.ru. We accumulate all incoming applications and after the completion of formal procedures we will contact you to begin the training activities.