Attestation of warehouse staff

We have developed and are successfully implementing special training programs to improve the operational efficiency of loaders, pickers and line staff (foremen) of warehouses. Preliminary, we carefully study your warehouse business processes and the work of your staff, after which we present a training program tailored for your warehouse (Pre-training diagnostics). A three-stage testing system assesses the input, intermediate and output levels of knowledge and employee productivity (Increase in productivity and knowledge). Analysis, training and testing are carried out by personnel training professionals who have many years of experience working in warehouses.
We have the opportunity to conduct the program in almost any region of the Russian Federation. The program is based on the best practices of global western companies managing millions of square kilometers of warehouses, with due regard for the specifics of Russian medium-sized companies. In the near future, the process of coordinating the training program will be completed, after which full-fledged training courses will begin. Preliminary application for training and certification can be sent to We accumulate all incoming applications and after the completion of formal procedures we will contact you to begin the training activities.