We draw your attention to the fact that the manufacturers of racks and warehouse equipment that are members of the Association accept for consideration the conclusions of specialists certified solely in the Training Center of the Association, provided they have a certificate for the provision of technical services for the inspection of shelves and storage systems issued by the Training Center Association. Certificates and certificates issued by other organizations (not authorized in accordance with the established procedure), do not have legal force for the shelving manufacturers with the confirmation of the warranty period and occurrence of any disputable situations.

Certification and certification of rackmount equipment installers

Work on the installation of shelving implies the experience of employees, as well as knowledge of the basic methods of work and labor protection requirements. Our system of training and attestation of installers will allow your specialists to obtain real knowledge of the process of work and safety requirements when conducting them. The availability of certificates of competence for the staff of the installation department is an indisputable advantage when concluding a contract for installation works. The basis for training, certification and certification is the organization standard, developed and approved in conjunction with Rosstandart. You can send a preliminary application for attestation to We will contact you to prepare the work for the certification.



Certification and certification of specialists in the survey of shelves

In accordance with the requirements of GOST R 55525-2013 “Racks collapsible. General technical conditions “the specialists carrying out the partial and full technical inspection (WHAT, VTO) must be certified for knowledge of the requirements of the specified GOST. We have developed special training methods that take into account the requirements of GOST, labor protection documents and standards-based organizations, developed in conjunction with Rosstandart.

According to Section 10 “Rack Operations” GOST R 55525-2013, the organization should appoint a staff member responsible for the operation of the shelving, which should organize partial and full technical inspection of the racks in accordance with the requirements of GOST.

The Association of Producers of Shelving and Warehouse Equipment provides qualified services for the certification of specialists conducting partial and complete technical inspection of the shelves (WHAT, VTO). To date, the main document regulating the requirements for rack testing is GOST R 55525-2013 “Warehouse equipment. Racks collapsible. General technical conditions », developed by the working group of the Association, consisting of representatives of the largest Russian manufacturers of shelving. We draw your attention to the fact that the certification of personnel carrying out a technical survey can be organized only on the basis of the listed documents.

With the entry into force of GOST R 55525-2013 and the increased demand for the services of specialists certified for the knowledge of the standard, a large number of companies have appeared on the market that offer services for the issuance of certificates and certificates, without the legal right to carry out such activities. Beware of scammers!

Preliminary application for training and certification you can send to


Certification and certification of warehouse staff

We have developed and are successfully implementing special training programs to improve the operational efficiency of loaders, pickers and line staff (foremen) of warehouses. Preliminary, we carefully study your warehouse business processes and the work of your staff, after which we present a training program tailored for your warehouse (Pre-training diagnostics). A three-stage testing system assesses the input, intermediate and output levels of knowledge and employee productivity (Increase in productivity and knowledge). Analysis, training and testing are carried out by personnel training professionals who have many years of experience working in warehouses.
We have the opportunity to conduct the program in almost any region of the Russian Federation. The program is based on the best practices of global western companies managing millions of square kilometers of warehouses, with due regard for the specifics of Russian medium-sized companies. In the near future, the process of coordinating the training program developed by the professional training center will be completed, after which full-fledged training courses will begin. A preliminary application for attestation and certification can be sent to We accumulate all incoming applications and after the completion of formal procedures we will contact you to begin the training activities.


Training on improvement of work in a warehouse


Training «Logistics warehouse. Optimization of processes, technologies and control systems “and a business game to optimize the work of the warehouse” LogicStore “.

More about the training

How to improve the work of the warehouse and not allow mistakes?

The solution of tasks related to the reduction of storage costs, the improvement of the quality of logistics services, the organization of an error-free accounting system, the move to a new facility, the modernization of technology or the introduction of WMS, should be based on professional calculations. Errors in solving these problems are reflected in the amount of investment in the warehouse; Its productivity; Capacity; The level of quality of the operations performed; Level of operating expenses.
Based on the 17-year experience of creating and optimizing more than 200 warehouses, our specialists developed a unique training “Logistics warehouse. Optimization of processes, technologies and control systems “, which allows solving the most important tasks and avoiding mistakes.


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