Consultation and clarification on regulatory documents

In the Russian Federation, there are many documents relating to warehouses, which have significant differences with each other. Also, a large number of rules and regulations allow, if desired, to make a double and even triple treatment. We will help you to eliminate misunderstandings in the process of working with representatives of government bodies and inspection structures. We have a lot of official explanations received in the course of long interaction with state institutions. And our experience allows us to conduct consultations promptly and with the highest degree of literacy! You can send your request to, our specialists will contact you within two days.
At present, we received the following unambiguous explanations: from the Ministry of Health regarding the storage of medicines, Rospotrebnadzor concerning the storage of meat and milk, vegetable and other products, Rosalkogolregulirovaniya regarding the rules for the storage of alcoholic beverages. We have established a working dialogue with colleagues and are ready to continue it in the future.